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Certified Biomagnetism Training

Begin your journey into the world of Biomagnetism and master the skills you need to become a fully accredited Biomagnetism Practitioner with our comprehensive online training. 

Whether you're an experienced holistic practitioner seeking to deepen your skills and stand out from the crowd, or an individual with a passion for Biomagnetism looking to embark on a fulfilling new career, our program offers the transformative tools and knowledge you need.

At the School of Biomagnetism and Bioenergetics, we take pride in being an independently accredited training provider for Biomagnetism, setting the gold standard for professional education in this transformative field. Our accreditation signifies that our training programs meet rigorous criteria established by the accrediting body, ensuring that our students receive the highest quality instruction and adhere to stringent professional standards. When you choose to train with us, you can do so with the confidence of knowing that you are investing in a program that has been assessed for its excellence and commitment to integrity. Our accreditation not only validates the quality of our training but also underscores our dedication to empowering practitioners with the knowledge and skills needed to make a meaningful impact in the lives of others. 

"Faye is a very knowledgeable and enthusiast teacher. With her extensive background and experience in Bio Magnetic Pairs Therapy she makes the course easy to follow and very interesting. She brings a unique insight into the therapy with her many years of practice. An altogether enjoyable and fascinating course." - Loraine

Course Content 

Week 1

Introduction & History of Biomagnetism

Week 4

Biomagnetic Pairs on the Head and Face

Week 7

Biomagnetic Pairs on the 


Week 10

Biomagnetic Pairs on the Cranium

Week 2

The theory and mechanics of Biomagnetism 

Week 5

Biomagnetic Pairs on the

Neck and Thorax

Week 8

Biomagnetic Pairs on the Pelvis

Week 11

The Final Biomagnetic Pairs and Recap of Session protocol

Week 3

Scanning the body; how to use muscle testing

Week 6

Biomagnetic Pairs on the

Thorax and Arms

Week 9

Biomagnetic Pairs on the

Legs and Back

Week 12

Bioenergetics & Beyond!


+ Live Q&A sessions in the months following the course

+ Revision videos and reference materials for learning the scanning points 

+ Community forum to share progress and ask questions for one year after the course (worth £120)

+ Recorded case studies for you to see Biomagnetism in practice in a range of scenarios 

+ Comprehensive manual and study materials (worth £145+)

+ Optional practical workshops in Hertfordshire and Ireland! 

+ Discounted magnet purchases (worth £50+)

+ A professionally accredited course so you will finish with a certification (worth 90 credits)

Next course scheduled for September 2024

"I’ve had the pleasure of taking a course with Faye, an instructor who truly understands the complexity and depth of the subject. Her passion and knowledge were evident from the start, making the entire learning experience incredibly enjoyable. The material presented was not only interesting but also easy to comprehend, thanks to Faye’s ability to break down complex ideas into digestible pieces. I highly recommend taking a course with Faye to anyone interested in exploring the fascinating world of Biomagnetism." - Alyson

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